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The Comeback

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The ComeBack


The Comeback

But nothing can keep the Showstopper down forever. Michaels returned to Raw on June 3, 2002 as the newest member of the New World Order. Soon after joining, though, Vince McMahon disbanded the group and Michaels was back on his own. He convinced Triple H to join him on Raw. When the two got back together Triple H encouraged Michaels to reform D-X. When Michaels was about to put on an old D-X shirt, Triple H pedigreed his former friend. The following week, Michaels was thrown through a car window by an unknown assailant. Security footage, however, revealed that it was the work of Triple H, who was afraid that Michaels was going to steal the limelight away from him. This kicked off what has been, arguably, the most vicious feud WWE fans have ever seen.

Their first encounter came at SummerSlam in a Street Fight. WWE fans everywhere were wondering if Michaels would be able to go back to his high-flying and daredevil ways, but he would answer those questions rather quickly. Michaels was flying around the ring and even used an elbow drop off of a ladder and a plancha through a table. In the end, he was able to reverse a Pedigree attempt for the pin. After the match, Triple H took out Michaels with a sledgehammer signifying that the battle had indeed just begun.

At Survivor Series, Michaels participated in the first ever Elimination Chamber Match. In an Elimination Chamber match, six Superstars compete in a steel, dome-like cell. Two competitors start in the middle of the ring and the other four are released one by one every five minutes from other chambers within the main chamber. Superstars are eliminated until only one remains. Michaels came out on top to win the World Championship for the first time since he lost it to Austin at WrestleMania XIV.

The rivalry went to another level at Armageddon. The two Superstars went at it in a best two-out-of-three falls match, but there was a catch. The first match was a Street Fight, the second match was a Steel Cage Match and the third was a Ladder Latch, the same match that HBK made famous. Triple H took the first fall in the Street Fight, HBK won the cage match, but Triple H was able to beat Michaels at his own game in the Ladder Match to take back the WWE Championship.