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HBK On Entertainment Tonight


HBK On Entertainment Tonite

Bob Goen: From ET's Play Guy we go to Playgirl Magazine. Here the likes of Blair Underwood, Lorenzo Lamas and Scot Backla have all beared some skin. But now a new guy is wresting with the problem of over exposure. He's known for his explosive entrances and his streamy strut. He's Shawn Michaels, The Heartbreak Kid of the WWF.

Shawn: I'm one of those guys they have to keep a leash on.

Bob Goen: Look out ladies, Shawn's been unleashed. He's the cover story in this month's Playgirl Magazine, and ET was at ringside for his very sexy photo shoot.

Judy Cole: Sexy is not a strong enough word for what he is ............... it's an animal thing.

Shawn: I'm flying by the seat of my pants.

Bob Goen: And ET was there when Shawn got a look at the magazine for the first time.

Shawn: (laugh) My dad's gonna kill me. I'm not wincing it's just very amusing to see myself like this.

Bob Goen: Moveing from centre ring to centrefold was fun for this heavyweight hunk, but he won't be bearing it all for his fans.

Shawn: If I would have taken everything off they might not call me the Heartbreak Kid anymore ! (laughing)

Bob Goen: Wells, you can see Shawn, or most of Shawn anyway, in Playgirl. It's on the news stands now.