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HBK On Byte This


Credit: Pro Wrestling Insider/Steven Fernandes

HBK joins the show. Asked about Unforgiven thoughts. He liked the match, thought it went well. It’s always difficult to come back from a long layoff.

HBK’s thoughts on Christian. He doesn’t know, he doesn’t have any. He is a talented wrestler, admires his guts. He wanted his attention and he got it. We’ll see if Christian is ready to take it up a notch, in the words of George Costanza.

Anybody he wants to wrestle who he hasn’t wrestled before? No really, can’t think of anybody. Just wants to have good matches, whether he has wrestled them ten times or one time.

Talk about work outside the WWE. According to WWE.com, HBK is going to be a speaking at a power luncheon… HBK cell gets cut off.

Hosts talk about HBK training wrestlers during his time off. Spanky, Paul London are mentioned. Mark wants to ask HBK about that.

Also, about HBK putting ladder matches on the map and getting his thoughts on Y2J vs. Christian.

Show footage from WM 10 ladder match between Michaels and Razor Ramon. Josh says people get ideas these days from that match.

Mark says he’d pay big money to get HBK on his fantasy roster because HBK doesn’t disappoint.

Just as Josh says they might have to postpone his appearance, HBK comes back on. He is in the car with his 4-week old daughter and she’s not in a good mood.

Talk resumes about the power luncheon where he will be a speaker. HBK says his Bible studies leader set this up and his wife was a board member too. This is about helping young kids around the world. He wants to build an orphanage. He was scheduled to go to Honduras in March, but it got cancelled because of fear of flying during that time. He will go next year. He will be speaking about what the Lord has done in his life.

HBK talks about his faith. He says the way he is about his faith now is the way he was about the wrestling business. He is very passionate, wants to be good at it. He loved wrestling, but he is wrestling now because he thinks there are things that WWE does that impact other people’s life. He hopes he is used so he can have an impact on someone’s life and change it for the better.

That being said, is there anything left to accomplish in the WWE? From a goal stand point of view, no. He would have liked the last run to be more intimate than the first one. First run was more about himself and his accomplishments and such. This run is more about whether he is making a difference. His goal is to make a difference, not in the wrestling business, but in someone’s life.

HBK talks about being back. He is having a blast. He gets to share this with his family and his fans. They see everything- his ups and his downs etc. His matches are still good. He and the fans will get to end this on a positive note.

HBK leaves the show.





Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch/Michael KopStick and Benjamin Michaels

Edge gets on the phone next, speaking about how his frustration with not being at the top of the mountain already really began to grow when he sustained his neck injury, as he thought that he was really on the cusp of something big at the time. He was on the sidelines for months, watching Chris Benoit win the Royal Rumble and go on to become the new world champion at Wrestlemania. Edge believed that it all should have been him attaining all this glory and that Benoit only got this opportunity because Edge was absent. (Now that you mention it, it is quite interesting how Edge was on Smackdown and Triple-H at the time was touting how he would love the chance to battle the Torontonian in the future. A good way for that to happen would have been for Edge to win the Royal Rumble and do what Chris Benoit did, switching brands to challenge Triple-H for the title. I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility that this scenario was actually in the works for Edge, and since he got his untimely injury, they kept the same storyline and gave it to Chris Benoit. So, there very well might be a lot of truth to what Edge is saying…)

Edge speaks of the brutality in being inside an elimination chamber. Although one who participates in the match will feel pretty hurt later that night, it isn’t much compared to what he will feel the next few days afterwards, discovering new aches and sores that you have to think back as to where they all came from. Knots in the neck, incredibly sore hands from holding on that steel chain, they go mainly unnoticed when inside the demonic structure due to adrenaline pumping through the body, but they start to appear like a nosy neighbor in the days subsequent to the event.

A caller mentions Edge’s autobiography where the former Brood member mentions the three superstars that he has always looked up to. At first it was Hulk Hogan that turned him on to wrestling, with whom he got to win the WWE tag team titles with, and then as he grew into wrestling he began to admire Bret Hart, who helped get him into WWE, and Shawn Michaels, who he gets to work with now.

He realizes that, although he has been in the business for fourteen years, since eight of them were under contract with WWE, speculators must be wondering, “‘What does he have to tell? There’s gotta be more to tell.’ And there probably is more to tell,” he admits. “I still have to win the world title. But, [writing a book is] something I wanted to do. And thankfully Mick Foley knocked down the doors to show that a wrestler can write a book. So, it’s fun to see Adam Copeland on the spine of a book, I’m proud of that. I’m proud of the way the way the book turned out, besides the typos that got screwed up in editing. But other than that I’m proud of it, I’m really happy, and it’s something I’ll always be able to look back on and say I did that.” Marc Lloyd chimes in that hopefully later on down the line maybe Edge will be able to write another book when he retires, “and I’m sure it will be just as successful,” Lloyd vexes.

Edge is happy to hear about Steve Austin and WWE working together, saying that he has always gotten along with Austin, who used to give him and Christian a lot of advice when they first started. He appreciated that he would always get an honest opinion with Austin, because with him, “what you see is what you get. He’ll shoot straight up with you.” He acknowledges that “physically he’s through the ringer so it’s nice that he has this additional outlet.”

Edge tells us that he has had movie opportunities but was told he would have to give up wrestling for some time to do them, which isn’t something he wants to do.

But he does give up the call as Shawn Michaels is BT’s final guest of the evening. Preparing for two matches in one night is quite difficult, admits Michaels. He hasn’t that many matches under his belt since returning from his recent surgery. However, the Royal Rumble match is a bit slower paced, and with so many other wrestlers in the ring with you, “you have a chance to get lost in the forest, so to speak.”

After being part of more than one elimination chamber match, Shawn feels that this past one was the best to date.

An e-mail asks him what felt better to him: winning the world title for the first time ever or returning after so many years away and winning it again. Shawn says that the latter meant more since when he won it the first time he wasn’t really that mature to appreciate the magnitude of what winning the WWF world championship symbolized. “It was a wonderful time, I was so glad to be one of the guys that has held that title. But to honestly believe that it was all over, that I’d never wrestle again, and then to come back and to have it go so well… The last two and half three years has been awesome. If it would all be over tomorrow, I would not have one complaint. It has been just a terrific return. It has been a sheer pleasure to come back and work with people, not only within the company, but also some of the talent that was there when I had left, and to get a chance to know the new talent. So, I’d have to say the return, hands down.”

Marc Lloyd mentions how Edge told him earlier that he looked up to Shawn Michaels as he was getting into the business, and in a way, modeled his style a bit after Shawn’s. Shawn says it’s nothing new to him as he has taken on other performers who have also grown up watching him, like Chris Jericho and Christian. “I’m always flattered by that,” he accepts. Flattered by the future of the industry as well as the past, as many now compare him to the greatest legends in sports entertainment, Lloyd notes.

And the autobiography bug has now bitten the Heartbreak Kid. Shawn discloses that he has just met with the writer for his book this past Monday and will be getting started on it shortly. “It was something that has been talked about, and for a lot of different reasons I was a little worried about doing it. I mean, so many of them have been done, I didn’t want to be just another wrestling book. And, it’s hard for me to describe, I needed to find somebody that would be able to… The reason I was so controversial in this business for so long is because I went about doing things and mostly just, towards my matches, have been doing things differently than most guys. And that created a lot of animosity, a lot of controversy, a lot of anger, but strangely enough, most of it all centered, or started from a decent place. It just manifested itself in a real negative way. And I really didn’t want to do [the book] until I found someone that was able to put down on paper those feelings that I was trying to bring forth. I guess my point is I never set out to be this person that I became in the wrestling business, it just sort of happened, and most of it was because of a lot of personal things that were going on inside of me. And I really wanted to make sure that I was able to find somebody that was able to explain that better than I can, and even as I sit here trying to say it now, it’s difficult…” (Basically, coming out this Christmas, the Passion of the Michaels, coauthored by God Himself)

Marc Lloyd brings up the animosity Shawn still consistently gets in Canada. Will they ever forget? “I don’t think so,” Shawn laughs. He doesn’t mind the jeers because he realizes that, “Now, at least, everybody is doing it with a smile on their face. And I could be wrong, they could genuinely just hate me, but I don’t think that is the case. I see that most of the reactions I get, it’s all done with a smile on their faces, and I think that that has just become our thing. And as a company, we don’t let it die, and as a character, I don’t let it die. I can continue to needle at it a little bit, so I think it’s become a little thing between the Canadian fans and myself. But I think it certainly comes from a good place. I mean, there’s always going to be a few bad people… the same people that I will always look at, in every aspect of wrestling and go, ‘you’re taking everything a little too seriously.’”

Marc Lloyd asks him about his feeling that Steve Austin is returning to WWE Films. Shawn pauses for a few seconds to get the build up feel and announces, “I have no comment about Steve Austin coming back,” and leaves it at that.

Shawn Michaels, ever the controversial and mysterious one, then goes and thanks all of us for listening to him once again. What does he mean by no comment? What was he commenting by not commenting? Perhaps good ole WK would like to do some scooping around for us and get to the bottom of this because I smell a story. Well, I smell something….Oh, never mind…






Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch/Steven Fernandes

They show a clip of when Shawn threw Marty through the Barber Shop window. Then Shawn Michaels joins the show.

Loyd congratulates him on having a great match at WM. He brings up Kurt saying that they would steal the show. Loyd says how all the reviews are saying that was the greatest match of all time. He adds that HBK doesn’t necessarily pay attention to the reviews because some say a match was great, while some say it was a bad. Does it shock him that the match turned out the way it did? It doesn’t shock him. They were hoping to put on something special and they did, and people were expecting them to do that. He says whenever you get into situations involving greatest and the best, history decides all that. They wanted to go out there and have a good match that would have people talking for years to come, and that’s what they did.

Did he feel too much pressure this year as he didn’t wrestle Kurt before, and it being on the big stage and people were expecting them to have a great match? It was lot of pressure and people don’t take that into consideration, they don’t care about that. They just want you to deliver. He says the pressure is the fun part and at this stage in his career, he is not looking to do anything else except what he did last Sunday, do nothing but rise to that type of challenges. He says its fun to be challenged in that aspect. He says never been in the ring with Angle before, expectations were high. If the match wasn’t good, they were gonna blame them, him more specifically. When asked why, he said probably because of his past, his age, his injuries and various other reasons. He adds that more people dislike him than they do Kurt. He says he is not being negative, just stating fact.

What was going through his mind when Kurt had the Angle Lock on him? Loyd jokes “oh my god! it hurts!” Shawn says more like “We did it! Its over!” At that point for him, mentally it was done; it was in the record books. He knew it was special and he was feeling too good to feel any pain. Loyd says he must have felt better than even though he lost, the crowd went wild for both him and Angle. HBK says wins and losses are irrelevant to him. Putting on good matches are his main concern and leaving people with something they can talk about. He reiterates that wins and losses are not important at this point in his career and its all about the performance.

Loyd wants to know where this match ranks with his other matches. As far as Wrestlemania moments, he thinks this is right up there with the ladder match. He isn’t really sure though, saying all his matches were different. He thinks the ladder match put him on the map. He says the iron man match with Bret was special for many different reasons. But this match with Kurt is way up there. He is very proud of the match, at this stage of his career.

Loyd asks at this stage of his career, did he think he would have this calibre of matches. HBK says when he says yes, he means it humbly, because you hope that you do and you are positive that you do. He wasn’t sure if he would have the opportunity to get in the ring with Angle, but knew that if he could, they could do extra ordinary things. At this stage of his career, he is physically and mentally capable of pulling off good matches. He doesn’t think that anyone doubts him about that. He doesn’t pay attention to that stuff, but doesn’t think anybody thinks he is over the hill just yet.

Caller… Thanks him for the match with Angle and asks what were his favourite moments from WM21, besides his own match. He hasn’t seen any of the matches yet, even his own. He hasn’t had an opportunity to watch the show. He got to see most of Triple H-Batista but hasn’t watched the whole show from start to finish. He was hoping his mom would send him a tape, but he is going to call the office and tell them to send a DVD, and hopefully this week or next, be able to watch the whole thing.

Loyd says that he is going to enjoy the show, and that his second favourite match was the ladder match (which he spoiled it for HBK by saying that Edge won) which HBK can appreciate a match like that, with all the skill and danger involved. From all the feedback that he got, HBK feels this was a good WM from top to bottom. He got positive feedback especially from the ladder match and Undertaker’s match. He is looking forward to watching the show.

Email… now that he fought Kurt Angle, is there anyone else he would like to have a ‘dream match’ with? One match he hasn’t had, and would like to have and it would be different than Kurt-HBK would be a match with Hulk Hogan. He’s never been in the ring with him. He loved to do it. He would have no problem getting booed out the building. He just wants to get in the ring with the original and have fun and just have that moment.

Loyd brings up how when HBK thanked the fans on RAW this past Monday, he was being sincere. He adds that he is not saying it because he works for the company, but he likes to put himself in the fans shoes. I don’t think a lot of fans like Loyd being in their shoes. HBK says besides his personal life, that’s what he cares most about. Even when he was going through difficult time in his personal life, he felt joy whenever he was in the ring. He is thankful every time that he is able to get out there and display his talents. He knows that it might sound hokey and mushy, but it doesn’t make it any less genuine. He’s had joy being able to perform the last twenty years, especially the last three, because he thought he could never do it again. He hopes the people enjoy it, adding even the “tough nuts that are hard to crack” hopefully enjoy it and he doesn’t care what they think about him. He hopes he can continue to perform well for years to come.

Loyd wants to know what’s up with Muhammad Hassan. HBK doesn’t know. His guess is if you want attention, or you want to know where you stand in this business, he is a wonderful guy to pick on. Its instant attention, instant notoriety, instant fame, etc. He adds that you are going to have the best match of your career, go places emotionally and creatively where you’ve never been and chances are you never will be unless it’s with him. You get to be schooled by one of the best, as far as HBK is concerned so it’s nothing but positives. He did the same thing himself, mentioning he did the same thing with Ric Flair.

Caller… named her son after HBK. If he is thinking of making one more title run, will it be with Cena or Batista? Actually he has no intention of going after any title. He is perfectly happy doing what he is doing. He says the world title is a lot of ability, lot of time, lot of sacrifices. Couple of those things he is not willing to do. He says he is happy with his role, saying he will be a “RAW guy” till the end. He's got to find a happier guy than him.

Speaking of loving life, he had to feel that when he teamed up with Marty Janettey again. It was cool to team with him again. It was a positive feel-good moment for both of them. He would like to visit that moment again. He gives out his master plan. He wants to do a reunion type tour on the house shows this summer. I believe somebody has been reading pwinsider.com recently. It’s something he and Marty are talking about, as well as he and WWE. He had a lot of fun teaming with Marty. It was a wonderful time in both their lives. He says when you are young, you are just thinking about yourself and your career, and you don’t know how many people you affected. It was neat the response they got that one night when they reunited. He had no idea that there were many Rockers fans. They both thought that they were a tag team that just got lost in the shuffle at the time. That wasn’t the case. They were something that stood out and people remembered. There were just as many guys in the locker room that felt the same way the fans did.

Email…. How does it feel to see guys he trained like Paul London go on and be successful? Actually he didn’t train Paul London. He says a couple of months ago, he went up to London and asked him if he trained him? London said “oh nooo.” HBK told him that he would feel horrible if he didn’t remember him. London actually came to his school after he sold it to the guy who was helping him with the school. So he didn’t train London, but there are a few guys he trained that are doing well and guys that he didn’t physically trained, but mentored on the side. He didn’t name any names though. It’s satisfying anytime you help somebody achieve their goals in life.

Loyd brings up the HOF ceremony and wants to know his thoughts on it and that he is a sure bet to get in. Does he doubt that? HBK says he’d liked to think he has a pretty good chance of getting in. He says the HOF is the best part of the weekend, as far as he goes. His wife enjoys it too. He adds there is nothing better than the stories. To hear some of the struggles the guys went through to do what they love to do. He adds some of those things will never happen again because the business is not the same. He says there isn’t anybody breaking into the business right now who will say “I went somewhere. I got 15 bucks.” and “I wrestled in front of 10 people.” He says most people get into it now because they know they are bound to make a decent living. He says the old-timers got into it because they loved it. The “making money” part was an added bonus.

Loyd brings up the book deal that HBK mentioned last time he was on the show. Any developments? He is in the process of doing it right now. He and someone else have been working on it the last couple of months, working against deadlines rushing to get it done. He hopes to get it out in October or November. Its something that he wants to make sure is done right and accurate. He doesn’t want to rush just to get it in. He wants to make sure it’s done in his words, otherwise he’s not going to do it. Other than that, it should be out in Christmas time.

Shawn Michaels leaves the show.