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This Is Where I Put All The Recent Feuds And Uptake On The HEARTBREAK KID SHAWN MICHAELS,

"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels’ track record speaks for itself. He has accumulated enough hardware to make just about any WWE Superstar jealous. Michaels was the first-ever Grand Slam Champion    capturing the European Championship once    the World Tag Team Championship twice    the Intercontinental Championship three times and the world championship four times.                                   

But his success didn’t happen overnight. HBK knew he wanted to be a professional wrestler since he was 12 years old after he saw his first match. Michaels’ athletic career began back when he was six years old when he started playing football. He became a stand-out linebacker and was a captain on his high school team. After graduating    he attended Southwest Texas State University    but he soon realized that college wasn’t the path he wanted to follow. Michaels thought it was time to begin chasing his dream of becoming a WWE Superstar.                                       

Michaels began his training under the tutelage of Jose Lothario. After a few months of training    Lothario felt that his protégé was ready for some in-ring action    and two weeks after his 19th birthday    HBK had his first match with Mid-South Wrestling against Art Cruz. He lost his debut match    but he improved in his second match    wrestling to a time-limit draw    and then won his third match. After a stop in Kansas City    Michaels was headed back to his home state to Texas All-Star Wrestling.                   

It was there that he teamed up with Paul Diamond to make up the team of American Force. The combination was a successful one    as they were able to capture the Texas All-Star Tag Team Championships twice. After about three months    Michaels headed to the American Wrestling Alliance (AWA) with a friend he had met in Kansas City. That friend was Marty Jannetty who went on to become HBK’s tag team partner. The duo was dubbed the Midnight Rockers.                                       

They quickly became one of the hottest teams in the AWA    which caught the eye of WWE    which invited the Midnight Rockers to a live event for a tryout. WWE officials felt they were a bit too immature at that time    so the Midnight Rockers headed back to the AWA. But WWE hadn’t heard the last of Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty.                                   

While back with the AWA    the Midnight Rockers captured the Southern Tag Team Championship twice and won the AWA Tag Team Championship for a second time. All of the hardware the Midnight Rockers had been sporting again caught the eye of those with WWE    and this time Michaels and Jannetty made the most of it. They both signed contracts    dropped the “Midnight” from their name and The Rockers had been born.                                   

Because of their high-flying abilities and their boyish good looks    The Rockers became an instant hit with both male and female fans of all ages. They made their pay-per-view debut at the 1988 Survivor Series as they teamed with The Powers of Pain    The Young Stallions    The Hart Foundation and the British Bulldogs. Their team came out on top. After making their Royal Rumble debut in the 1989    the two had a classic encounter with the Twin Towers (Big Boss Man and Akeem “The African Dream”) at WrestleMania V. Their mammoth opponents proved to be just too big to handle    but the high-flyers kept the giants off balance almost the entire match — making all other teams take immediate notice of their potential.                           

In 1990    the Rockers earned themselves a Tag Team Championship match against the Hart Foundation. The Rockers came out on top    but during the match    the top rope buckled. Days after the match    it was ruled that since the rope had broken    the match as invalid    and the titles were returned to the Hart Foundation. This was the only time the Rockers would approach gold.                       

The Rockers were back in Survivor Series in 1991    teaming up with the Bushwhackers against The Nasty Boys and The Beverly Brothers. After the Bushwhackers were eliminated    Michaels inexplicably walked out on Jannetty. He later explained his actions by saying that he had been carrying the team and was fed up. A couple months later    the two met on a segment of Brutus Beefcake’s “Barber Shop” to try an iron out their differences. Just when it appeared that the Rockers were back together    Michaels Superkicked Jannetty and then threw him head-first through one of Shop’s glass windows. The Rockers were no more.                               

The breakup of the Rockers was the end of a successful tag team career for Michaels    but it also meant the birth of a singles career that would propel The Showstopper to new heights. Michaels promptly added Sensational Sherri as his manager    and on Oct. 27    1992    he dethroned the British Bulldog to become Intercontinental Champion. By the time the Royal Rumble rolled around in January 1993    Jannetty was fully recovered and had revenge on his mind. The two squared off at the pay-per-view    and during the match Jannetty was about to smash a mirror over HBK’s head. But Michaels shoved Sherri in front of him    allowing her to take the full brunt of the mirror’s impact. Even though Michaels retained the title    Sherri left him for Jannetty based on the incident.               

After losing Sherri    Michaels had a void to fill by his side. Instead of going for an attractive and cunning sidekick    HBK employed the services of Diesel    a man who epitomized brute force. Michaels was forced to give up his Intercontinental Championship because he had not defended it within 30 days    but at WrestleMania X    Michaels returned and faced Razor Ramon in the first-ever pay-per-view Ladder Match for the championship. The Ladder Match is one that is still talked about today as one of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time. After brutalizing each other with innovative moves that had never been seen before    Razor Ramon came out on top.                        

But the Showstopper wouldn’t let himself stay down for long. Michaels and Diesel picked off the Headshrinkers for the World Tag Team Championship. Three years after The Rockers had broken up    Michaels enjoyed his first tag team championship reign. Soon after    Diesel defeated Bob Backland for the WWE Championship    and the pair had to give up the tag championship    so Michaels was back to focusing on his singles career.                               

And what better way to get back into the WWE Championship hunt than make a big splash at the Royal Rumble. In 1995    Michaels entered the January classic at No. 1. It seemed like he was merely being thrown to the dogs at such a number. No one had ever won after being the first participant. But HBK was out to make history. In fact    the British Bulldog had the same thoughts on his mind. The Bulldog entered at No. 2    but just as he and Michaels stood alone in the ring at the beginning of the match    when the smoke cleared    it was the same pair going toe to toe at the end of the match. After gaining the upper hand    the Bulldog clotheslined Michaels over the top rope    but only one of his feet touched the floor. Thinking that the win was his    Bulldog turned his back on Michaels and began his victory celebration. Michaels snuck back into the ring and knocked out the unsuspecting Bulldog to win his first Royal Rumble.                

Michaels went on to WrestleMania to compete for the WWE Championship    but his former bodyguard Diesel was able to retain. After a couple of months at each other’s throats    the pair patched up their differences and moved onward. HBK went on to defeat Jeff Jarrett for his third Intercontinental Championship but was challenged soon after by a familiar foe: Razor Ramon. After their historic battle at WrestleMania X    there was only one way to settle the score: with another Ladder Match. So    the two hooked up for their second Ladder Match at SummerSlam. Learning from his past mistakes    time HBK came out on top and retained his title in another classic match that arguably was even more brutal than the first.                            

Due to injuries    Michaels was forced to vacate the championship once again after not defending within the mandatory 30 days. But it was like déjà vu all over again. Michaels came back with a vengeance and won the Royal Rumble for a second straight year. The win earned him a WWE Championship shot at WrestleMania XII against the “Excellence of Execution” Bret Hart. The two met in a 60-minute WWE Iron Man Match that stole the show. The goal was to score the most pinfalls or submissions in the allotted time    but these two WWE Superstars put forth such gutsy performances that neither competitor had notched a win in the entire 60 minutes. Hart had Michaels in the center of the ring trapped in the Sharpshooter with seconds remaining    but HBK was able to suck it up until the bell rang. President Gorilla Monsoon made his way down to ringside and informed the referee to restart the match and continue under sudden death rules. After Hart had worked on HBK’s back    Michaels came from nowhere to hit “Sweet Chin Music.” Too tired to capitalize    Michaels got up and cued up the band one more time    which was finally enough to win his first-ever WWE Championship.                        

There was no rest for the weary    however    as Michaels had to start defending his championship right away. Michaels proved to be one of the fightingest champions in history as he defeated the likes of Diesel    British Bulldog    Vader    Mankind and Goldust    but Michaels’ reign had to come to an end sometime. Another of Shawn’s former bodyguards    Sycho Sid    dethroned the champ at Survivor Series 1996. With the ref knocked out    Sid commandeered a television camera and hit Michaels over the head with it    and then powerbombed him for the win.        

Michaels regrouped    though    and again learned from his mistakes. HBK used a trick from Sid’s playbook    and also used a television camera to knock down his giant foe. The camera wasn’t enough as Sid kicked out at two    but Michaels laid him out with Sweet Chin Music for the win. Just as Michaels had to forfeit his Intercontinental Championship without defeat    Michaels relinquished the WWE Championship after claiming to have “lost his smile.”                            

After months of searching    HBK returned to WWE and formed an unlikely pairing with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Although the two shared a hatred for each other    they also shared a hatred for the Hart Foundation. They put their differences aside and went out to fight for their common goal. It led to the Showstopper’s second World Tag Team Championship reign. After their relationship deteriorated    Michaels turned to people he thought he could trust    and what happened next revolutionized WWE.                               

Michaels paired up with Triple H and Chyna to form D-Generation X    a group that defied authority and marched to the beat of their own drum. They employed the use of vulgarity and obscene gestures and spit in the face of those that tried to stop them. On Sept. 20    1997    Michaels defeated the British Bulldog for the European Championship    which in turn made him the first-ever winner of the Grand Slam.                               

After basically handing the European Championship to Triple H in a farce of a match    Michaels was once again focused on the WWE Championship. Little did Michaels know    though    that to become the No. 1 Contender for Bret Hart’s WWE Championship    he would have to travel to hell and back — Hell in a Cell    that is. HBK faced Undertaker at Bad Blood in the first ever Hell in a Cell Match. Michaels was beaten to a bloody mess    but he tried to stay strong. Michaels was thrown off the side of the cage into an announce table    and things were not looking very good. But then Undertaker’s brother Kane made his WWE debut and obliterated the Deadman. Michaels    barely able to pull himself up    was able to take advantage and make the cover.            

That gave Michaels the right to go on to Survivor Series to face Bret Hart in “The Montreal Incident” — one of the most controversial matches in WWE history. After another grueling battle with his familiar opponent    Michaels locked in Bret’s finishing move    the Sharpshooter. Earl Hebner    who was officiating the match    inexplicably called for the bell    even though it appeared as though Bret had not given up. A confused Michaels took the belt and quickly exited to the back with his third WWE Championship    while Hart fumed in the ring.                       

Michaels’ highly successful WWE career was in jeopardy following the 1998 Royal Rumble. HBK squared off against Undertaker in a Casket Match. During the match    Michaels landed awkwardly on the casket and severely injured his back. Barely able to move and again with the help of Kane    Michaels was able to retain his title. Michaels refused to let the injury take him out    though    and he moved on to WrestleMania XIV where he faced Stone Cold    with “Iron” Mike Tyson as the special enforcer. Michaels    who was visibly in pain the entire match    put forth a gutsy performance    but in the end it wasn’t enough to win. The match was thought to have been his last ever    as he required what many thought was career-ending back surgery.           

But nothing can keep the Showstopper down forever. Michaels returned to RAW on June 3    2002    as the newest member of the nWo. Soon after joining    though    Vince McMahon disbanded the group and Michaels was back on his own. He convinced Triple H to join him on RAW. When the two got back together    Triple H encouraged Michaels to re-form D-X. When Michaels was about to put on an old D-X shirt    Triple H pedigreed his former friend. The following week    Michaels was thrown through a car window by an unknown assailant. Security footage    however    revealed that it was the work of Triple H    who was afraid that Michaels was going to steal the spotlight away from him. This kicked off what has been    arguably    the most vicious rivalry WWE fans have ever seen.

Their first encounter came at SummerSlam in a Street Fight. WWE fans everywhere were wondering if Michaels would be able to go back to his high-flying and daredevil ways    but he would answer those questions rather quickly. Michaels was flying around the ring and even used an elbow smash off of a ladder and a plancha through a table. In the end    he was able to reverse a Pedigree attempt for the pin. After the match    Triple H took out Michaels with a sledgehammer    signifying that the battle had indeed just begun.                               

At Survivor Series    Michaels participated in the first ever Elimination Chamber Match. Michaels came out on top to win the World Heavyweight Championship.                                           

The rivalry went to another level at Armageddon. The two Superstars went at it in a best two-out-of-three falls match    but there was a catch. The first match was a Street Fight    the second match was a Steel Cage Match and the third was a Ladder Latch — the same match that HBK made famous. Triple H took the first fall in the Street Fight; HBK won the Cage Match    but Triple H was able to beat Michaels at his own game in the Ladder Match to take back the World Heavyweight Championship.                                    

Triple H and Michaels took a break from each other after that    but HBK was brutally attacked by Chris Jericho on an edition of RAW on March 3. The beating led to a classic match at WrestleMania XIX. The two shared similar styles    and Jericho had youth on his side. But Michaels was able pull out the victory. After the match    Jericho gave Michaels a hug    but it was a ploy as he nailed him with a low-blow.                               

Michaels then turned his trust towards Ric Flair in a Handicap Match against Triple H    but it proved to be a poor judgment. Flair turned on Michaels as Evolution re-formed and beat down Michaels. Flair and Orton followed the beating up with singles victories    but Michaels bounced back with wins over Orton and Batista and then went to a draw with Triple H in a Last Man Standing Match at the Royal Rumble 2004.                                        

Chris Benoit won the Rumble Match that same night    earning him a shot at Triple H’s World Heavyweight Championship. Michaels    however    wanted Triple H all for himself. During Benoit’s contract signing    Michaels knocked Benoit out and signed his own name to the contract. To clear up the controversy    a Triple Threat Match was signed for WrestleMania XX. The match went on to become one of the greatest main events in WrestleMania history    but Benoit came out on top. The three met up again one month later    but the result was the same. The two matches weren’t enough to put the Triple H and Shawn Michaels rivalry to rest    though.               

Triple H faced Michaels at Bad Blood in a bloody    45-minute Hell in a Cell Match. Triple H ultimately managed two Pedigrees in a row for the win. The following night on RAW    Jim Ross tried to get the two to bury the hatchet    but the meeting was unceremoniously interrupted by Kane who brutally attacked Michaels. Kane placed Michaels’ throat in a folding a chair and then stomped on it off the ropes    crushing HBK’s larynx in the process.                               

Michaels returned Sept. 12 at Unforgiven and won a No-Disqualification Match    gaining his revenge. One month later    Michaels beat out Edge and Benoit in fan voting at Taboo Tuesday to win a shot at Triple H’s World Heavyweight Championship one more time. The night before Taboo Tuesday on RAW    Michaels severely injured his knee. Barely able to move    Michaels still made it out for his match at Taboo Tuesday and put forth a valiant effort. Just when Michaels had Triple H lined up for “Sweet Chin Music    ” Edge    who was jealous he didn’t receive the opportunity speared The Showstopper. Michaels lost    and went in for knee surgery the next day.                    

Michaels miraculously appeared on the next edition of RAW with a message of appreciation for the WWE fans. Upon his return    he sought out Edge for retribution. But most recently    he’s engaged in a grudge with SmackDown! Superstar Kurt Angle. When Angle declared that he would make an example of Marty Jannetty    HBK arranged for The Rockers to first re-form for one night only. Together again    they beat former World Tag Team Champions La Resistance using many of the tandem moves that made them so popular in the first place. But a few nights later    Angle did get his hands on Jannetty    making him tap to the ankle lock. Next    Michaels and Angle will square off for the very first time at WrestleMania 21    in what many are calling an inter-brand “dream match.” After A long feud between these two superstars the "Dream Match" became reality at WrestleMania 21. Although the ShowStoppa Tapped To The Ankle Lock... He has still got plans For The Gold Medalist In Their rematch in the WrestleMania Revenge Tour. But He still has his hands half full with the loudmouthed Hassan And His Manager Diwari......  Now When The Match Took Place The Unorthodox Muhhumad Hassan Converted The Opponent(Himself)To His Manager Khusrow Diwari. It Was A Childish Match For HBK. Hassan Interupted HBK In Between.....Considering All The Disruptions He Has Faced In His Feud, He Challanged The Two To A HandiCap Match Which Was Not Allowed By The Genral Manager Who Converted The Match To A Tag Team Match With HBK's Choice Of His Partner. HBK Went To His Knees And Requested The HULKSTER Hulk Hogan To Be His Partner. His Answer Will Be Confirmed Next Week.