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Father: Richard Hickenbottom
Mother: Carol Hickenbottom
Sister: Shari
Brothers: Scott and Randy
Wife: Rebecca Curci Hickenbottom (born June 16, 1973)
Wedding: Shawn and Rebecca got married March 31, 1999 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Children: One son called Cameron Cade Hickenbottom (born January 6, 2000) and one daughter called Cheyenne (born on August 19, 2004)
Pets: Two dogs 


The Private Life of the WWF Commissioner
Wow Magazine - December 1999

Shawn Michaels is known as The Heartbreak Kid and The Boy Toy, but he's reached a level of maturity that overshadows the "frisky" side of those wrestling personas. Back injuries have forced him to halt his in-ring professional wrestling career, which began on October 16, 1984, and ended on March 26, 1998, at Wrestlemania XIV with a memorable match in which he was pinned by Steve Austin.

Three World Wrestling Federation world heavyweight titles, three WWF Intercontinental titles, and three reigns as the WWF tag team champion made Michaels (real name: Shawn Hickenbottom) a legend in the business. A consummate performer in the ring, Michaels could adjust his style to that of any opponent, and that ability put him in more "classic" matches than nearly anyone in the history of sports entertainment.

Realizing the value of Michaels' work ethic and fan appeal, the WWF late last year named Michaels commissioner of the federation. His appearances are still greeted with enthusiasm by fans, who hope he can return to the ring.

"That will only happen in two scenarios," Michaels firmly pointed out. "You have to understand the risk. One wrong bump and I could be crippled for life. Scenario one is that if Vince McMahon ever gets in a spot where he really needs me for a main event, I would do anything to help him. He was the guy who got me to where I am today.

"The other reason for a comeback would be if my son asked me to wrestle one more time so he could be there to see me wrestle in person." (Michaels and wife Rebecca, formerly Whisper of World Championship Wrestling's Nitro Girls, are expecting the birth of their child on Jan. 1.) Michaels acknowledged that he feels very content at this stage in his life. He has a beautiful home, a wife he adores, a successful training school, and a growing wrestling promotion, the Texas Wrestling Alliance (TWA). WOW Magazine Editor-In-Chief Bill Apter spent several days in August interviewing and photographing Michaels and Rebecca at their home, at Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy and at a TWA card.

Here now, in Michaels' words and through Apter's Nikon lens, is a WOW Magazine exclusive look into ... The Private Life of the WWF Commissioner.

"We live in the hill country of San Antonio, Texas, in a gated community. I had this house built about three years ago. It took about 18 months to finish. It's about 5,500 square feet, Mediterranean style. I came up with the basic floor plan because I knew exactly what I wanted This was to be the opposite of all the small apartments and dingy hotel rooms I stayed in when I was on the road. The house is very open, with high ceilings for people like Kevin Nash so they won't have to duck in any rooms.

"You can feel the breeze throughout each room. We've got three bedrooms, a gym, four bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, steam room, and office, which will be changed into the baby's room. When you go out onto the deck, you get a great view of the city and the rolling hills. This is just such a great place to be.

"The only downside was that I used to be alone in this spacious dream house. That all changed in February of this year, when I met Rebecca."

"Most people think Kevin Nash introduced me to Rebecca, but that's not true. Rich Minzer, a good friend of mine in Venice, Calif., called me one day when he was working out at Gold's Gym. He said, 'Guess who is out here? The Nitro Girls!' I asked him if the tall one was with them. I didn't know Rebecca's name. She was my favorite. Rich confirmed she was and that Whisper was the name she used.

"I asked Rich if she looked as good in person as she did on TV Rich told me that TV didn't do her justice. Then he offered to get her telephone number for me. I told Rich not to do that because I wouldn't feel comfortable. I thought she might think I was a stalker or something!"

"Well, Rich did not listen to me. He approached her on my behalf, and she wanted to know if I was an active wrestler. She had never seen me! She was not a wrestling fan, and when she got in the business she and I both worked Monday nights, so there was no chance she would have seen me wrestle on TV. Rich found out that she didn't want to date a wrestler, but told her that I was sort of out of the business at the time. She gave Rich her telephone number, and then the rest was up to me."

"I told Rich I would think about calling her. But again, I didn't want her to think I was a mark for her as a Nitro Girl. If I picked up the phone to call, what would I say? `Hey I saw you on TV!' I did not want to do that. A week went by and I just didn't have the guts to call her. Rich called me and told me that Rebecca left a message on his answering machine thanking him for giving her number to me, but she guessed I wasn't interested.

"That's when I knew it was time to call! On my first attempt, I got her answering machine. I laid it on the line, telling her why I was afraid to call, that I didn't want her to think I was a weirdo. She returned my call later that day, and it was magic from the start. For two weeks, we talked almost constantly by phone. I found out where she was appearing this past Valentine's Day, at an autograph session in California, and I sent flowers to her there. Then she knew I was serious about meeting her. We made plans for her to come to San Antonio in a few days."

"I was really nervous. She had never seen The Heartbreak Kid, so I couldn't rely on that part of me. I was out here alone as Shawn Hickenbottom and nobody else. She got off the plane, we exchanged polite hugs and kisses and then we went to breakfast at Denny's. Since both of us were accustomed to life on the road, Denny's was the logical place to go. We talked for a few hours, and then I brought her to the house.

"After hours of talking and getting to know each other, I cooked her dinner. I was trying to show her I was not a useless man, that I could cook my own meals. I was with a woman who never saw me on TV She didn't care about that guy from TV I realized she was interested in Shawn Hickenbottom - me!

"Things progressed very quickly. In the following days, our relationship continued to bloom. When she had to leave to go to a Nitro Girls practice, it broke my heart, and I could tell she felt the same way. We just couldn't get enough of each other. Between practices and shows, she would return here. She was in demand as one of the most popular Nitro Girls, and yet she made time to come back. We both knew we had something special going on."

"After several more days together, I drove Rebecca to the airport because she had to go to Tampa, Fla., on a promotional tour. I dropped her off, and as I was about to drive away, I ran into the terminal and said, `Is it OK that I've fallen in love with you?' She said, `Oh good. I thought it was just me falling in love with you!'

"On March 17, she came back to San Antonio, and I brought in some takeout food from Chili's. I turned the lights down and put on a Diamond Rio CD with a song called `The River.' She had given it to me a few weeks ago, because she said the song reflected how she felt about me. We danced in the middle of the room to the song. I pulled out an engagement ring, slipped it on her finger, and asked her to marry me. She said yes, and we both cried out of happiness. We agreed that we wanted to get married soon, and first considered having the ceremony on April 1, better known as April Fools' Day. Then we figured most people might think it was a joke, and we didn't want the ceremony to be a silly thing. "On March 31, we flew to Las Vegas and got married. An Elvis impersonator walked her down the aisle and gave her away. That was the only theatrical part of the ceremony. The rest was based on religion. Afterward, the Elvis impersonator sang a few songs, and we were Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Hickenbottom. We spent the next day in Las Vegas and flew home a few days later.

"We learned recently that our baby is due Jan. 1. We understand we are having a boy!"

"I also own the Texas Wrestling Alliance. We run shows around south Texas, and we'll be airing shows on a local CBS affiliate soon. Some students from the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy may get to appear on the shows. It's great experience. They can get a sense of what they might want to do with acharacter or gimmick or get some microphone time on the TWA cards.

"We have mostly seasoned professionals on the cards. One of our top stars is our champion, Venom, who is Paul Diamond. Paul and I were tag team partners when I first broke into the business. We were known as American Force. We also have several tag teams like the Ultimate Bad Guys and the Buffet Brothers, made up of Solomon Grandy and Tugboat Taylor. There are many guys you've seen before and many guys to watch as they try to become stars.

"As of the end of August, I have been hired by CBS affiliate KENS in San Antonio to broadcast high school football and other sports. I really love doing this, and maybe I can graduate to the major sports leagues if I'm good enough.